Van Gogh - Starry Night, Enchanted Life Ring

"Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. Then life seems almost enchanted after all."

- Vincent Van Gogh in a letter to his brother Theo in 1888

Our One-of-a-Kind Starry Night, Enchanted Life Ring is 925 sterling silver, Rhodium-plated, with a Moissanite center stone and Zircon accent stones. Because this ring features a Moissanite stone that is 0.5 carats, your ring will come with a GRA (Global Gemology Research Academy) certificate of authenticity and a Moissanite stone report. A limited warranty is also included. Total ring weight is 0.12 oz (3.3 g).

Grounded and Growing Wellness is offering a one-of-a-kind tribute to one of Vincent Van Gogh's most famous paintings to help us raise money for mental health non-profits. Van Gogh painted "Starry Night" from the window of his mental health hospital. We know through our own experiences how difficult it can sometimes be living with chronic mental illness. We know how hard it can be to support a loved one living with mental illness. We also know how amazing people living with mental illness, and those who support them, are - big-hearted, talented, usually with a great sense of humor.

We hope to remind you, Dear One, whether you live with mental illness, or you just love and appreciate Van Gogh's work, that there are so many beautiful things in the world, and that YOU are one of them.

Keep going.

Keep living.

The world needs the version of magic and art that only you can bring to it, whatever your story. 


"It is good to love many things, for therein lies strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done with love is well done." - Vincent Van Gogh

"For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream..." from a letter Van Gogh wrote to his brother, Theo, in 1888

Our One-of-a-Kind Starry Night, Enchanted Life Ring is 925 sterling silver, Rhodium-plated, with a lab-created Moissanite center stone and Zircon accent stones. Because this ring features a Moissanite stone that is 0.5 carats, your ring will come with a GRA (Global Gemology Research Academy) certificate of authenticity and a Moissanite stone report. A limited warranty is also included. Total ring weight is 0.12 oz (3.3 g).

Ring Measurements:

Please keep in mind that if your knuckle is bigger than the area you are measuring for your ring, and/or your finger is smaller because the temperature where you are is cold, we suggest that you size a ring size up. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have half sizes, and a ring that's a little too big is better than one that is too small.  Thank you. 

For your convenience we have provided a downloadable and printable ring sizer. Click below to view it.

>>>Printable ring sizer - Click Here<<<


Rize Size 4: Circumference 1.9in, Diameter 0.60in | Circumference 46.8mm, Diameter 14.9mm

Ring Size 5: Circumference 2in, Diameter 0.63in | Circumference 49.3mm, Diameter 15.7mm

Ring Size 6: Circumference 2.6in, Diameter 0.66in | Circumference 51.8mm, Diameter 16.5mm

Ring Size 7: Circumference 2.2 in, Diameter 0.70in | Circumference 54.3mm, Diameter 17.3mm

Ring Size 8: Circumference 2.3 in, Diameter 0.71in | Circumference 56.9mm, Diamter 18.1mm

Ring Size 9: Circumference 2.4 in, Diameter 0.76in | Circumference 59.4mm, Diameter 19mm

Ring Size 10: Circumference 2.44 in, Diameter 0.78in | Circumference 62.2mm, Diameter 19.8mm

Ring Size 11: Circumference 2.5 in, Diameter 0.81in | Circumference 64.7mm, Diameter 20.6mm

Ring Size 12: Circumference 2.6 in, Diameter 0.84in | Circumference 67.2mm, Diameter 21.4mm


Our Starry Night, Enchanted Life ring ships from Austin, Texas. It will be shipped within three business days after you order, usually next business day, excluding Sundays and Holidays. If you are in the US, you should receive your ring within 2-5 business days after processing.

Your ring will arrive in an LED lit black ring box, so it makes an excellent gift for yourself or someone you love. Your GRA certificate of authenticity and your free Sunflower pin will also be included. 

Even though our Starry Night, Enchanted Life ring is genuine sterling silver, it is not recommended to be worn in water, in saunas, pools, baths, showers, or during exercising. Avoid wearing during exercise, as sweat will react with the jewelry to produce silver chloride and copper sulfide, which causes the jewelry to deteriorate and corrode over time. We recommend you do not allow lotions and oils to come in contact with your ring. Again, it is genuine silver, but best practice for silver jewelry is to keep it out of water and away from chemicals. Thank you. 

It is very important to the co-founders of Grounded and Growing Wellness that we provide you with authentic, quality products. We aim to be a company of integrity and we only partner with other companies we trust who have processes in place to ensure the integrity of their products. The Global Gemology Research Academy, or GRA, is a globally respected source for gemstone verification and identification. The GRA ensures integrity, transparency, and fairness within the gemstone trade and jewelry industry regulating easy-to-understand guidelines and standards pertaining to moissanite, diamonds, and other colored stones.

Many fake GRA certificates exist. In fact, if you go to Etsy or Google shopping, you will see different online shops selling pdfs for companies to print off their own fake certificates. Two thumbs down, friends. Because we know so many fakes exist, we partner with a company that has their own dedicated department that inspects the facilities where our rings are made. They also have a gemologist on staff. When the artisans finish creating our rings, they are shipped to the gemologist who inspects each ring with a two step moissanite quality control process. 

Your certificate of authenticity includes a QR code that will take you to the GRA database where you can input the serial number on your certificate to verify your stones inclusion in the database. Because there are so many fakes out there, please input your serial number into the database provided on your certificate.

We hope you enjoy your Starry Night, Enchanted Life ring as much as we do, and thank you for supporting our small business. 

It's a well-known story that Vincent Van Gogh, the talented painter, ended his life by suicide in 1890. Fortunately, many people have been unsatisfied by that tale. As often happens with people who live with chronic mental illness, there are those who will assume the worst. Fortunately, there are always those who won't. They will see us for the amazing, bright lights that we are, even if we have difficult days and seasons. 

For Vincent Van Gogh, two of those people are Pulitzer Prize-winning biographers Steven Naifeh and Grezgory White Smith. It was their groundbreaking book Van Gogh: The Life that demonstrated that it is impossible that Van Gogh died by suicide. What is more likely is that he was accidentally shot by a group of teenagers, and choose not to reveal their identity in order to protect them from legal charges. We hope you will look into this book and read their compelling evidence yourself. 

Grounded and Growing Wellness' Co-Founder Nicole seeing "Starry Night" at the MOMA


Van Gogh did not kill himself out of despair. He wanted to live and to paint the world around him. He was a man who lived with chronic mental illness and used alcohol to cope. He was a man who was hospitalized three times because of his probable biploar disorder. And yet - he found so much beauty in the world around him. He saw the world and the people in it as magical, beautiful creatures. As he said in a letter to his brother Theo in 1882, "I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart," and again to Theo in 1888, "I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." We are proud to offer you our "Starry Night, Enchanted Life" ring as a celebration of a talented artist and we thank you for helping us support mental health non-profits.


Grounded and Growing Wellness is a small business that works to provide you with quality, beautiful, encouraging products while also supporting the four mental health non-profits we care deeply about. We are grateful for every purchase you make at our online store. When you buy a Starry Night, Enchanted Life ring, we will also mail you a Sunflowers pin based on Van Gogh's Sunflowers which he painted in 1888 as our way of saying a big "Thank You!" 

Van Gogh's original Sunflowers, painted in 1888, which Jo sent to the London National Gallery

Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime. We know who Van Gogh is because his sister in law Jo Van Gogh-Bonger worked tirelessly to get Van Gogh recognized as the amazing artist he was. Jo did not need money from the sale of Van Gogh's artwork as she had wealth from investments. Her efforts to promote Van Gogh's work were because she believed in his art, and wished to honor both Vincent and her husband Theo (Theo died six months after Vincent, probably from syphilis). The Sunflowers painting was what Jo sent to the London National Gallery in 1923, and this painting is a major reason why the Western world outside of the Netherlands knows who Van Gogh is at all. We celebrate Vincent, Theo, Jo, and their love for each other. And we celebrate you - thank you for being our partner in supporting others. 

Sunflowers are known as the happy flower, and are symbols of resiliency, endurance, hope, and always looking for the light, even when it is hard to find. That is why the sunflower is a symbol for mental health and wellness. They are also symbols of good luck.


10% of all profits from the sale of this product go to Safe in Austin, a non-profit that rescues neglected and abused animals and partners with other non-profits to connect abused, neglected, and special needs children to the rehabilitation of these animals. As the children help the animals rehabilitate, they also heal, and we can't think of a better organization to support. We invite you to visit our Giving Back page to learn more about this organization and the other organizations Grounded and Growing Wellness supports. 

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying:

"I purchased the Starry Night ring. It is absolutely Stunning. It’s everything I thought it would be. Also the packaging is top notch." from Tricia

"Received this ring for my birthday and the picture does not do it any justice! The colors of the stones are just amazing and the sparkle is fabulous." from Linda

"This ring is lovely and comfortable. I bought it to commemorate a wonderful weekend vacation with my husband in which we went to see the Van Gogh experience. The fit is comfortable and the height of the stones is low. It doesn’t catch on things. I use my hands a lot teaching beginners to play instruments. So not catching on things is important to me. My students have noticed it and been been complimentary.." from Cathie

 "Arrived earlier than expected and it’s beautiful!" from Kiara

"It's midnight now and I'm writing here just to tell you all that how beautiful the ring is and I couldn't wait until tomorrow! I'm so crazy about it!" from Christine

"The ring is lovely and fits my daughter well. Definitely inspired by "Starry Night," my daughter's favorite painting. Beautiful!" from Elizabeth

Elizabeth M. review of "Timeless Dream" - The Starry Night inspired S925 Ring

"It definitely keeps its shine." from Ivy

"Thanks for the all you did and I've received my ring today. It's amazing beautiful and I love it so much." from Laura

"OMG, I just can't believe that I could have such a beautiful ring one day, like a princess did in the dream! Love it so and I will tell everyone who is considering "Just buy it!" from Elizabeth

"So far so GREAT. No tarnishing or anything and I've worn it every single day. The shine is amazing especially in the sun. Love love love it. Will need to order a smaller size though lol fingers aren't as big as I thought they were." from Linley

"it looks so beautiful. Also very durable I have had mine for 3 months and it looks the same as when I got it." from Cassandra

"This ring is so pretty! I was so excited when I saw the ad. I love Starry Night and love that I now have a ring inspired by the wonderful painting that I Love!" From Stephanie

"It' so lucky to know you and get such a pretty jewelry. It's the best gift for my own in the recent years. I absolutely love it!" from Karam

"I'm glad to knew all about my ring and get it so quickly. It is really what I want and even more delicate than I expected. It was so beautiful and shining with the colorful lights. Couldn't be more satisfied." from Angela

"The ring is so beautiful! It’s exactly what I wanted. The customer service is also stellar. I highly recommend them!" from Rebecca

"Love the ring it is beautiful! It fit perfectly! Waiting for my daughters ring to arrive. Once she saw my ring, she wanted one as well." from Heather

"I received this as a Christmas present. It is gorgeous. I love the painting “Starry Night”, this is such a beautiful tribute to the famous piece. He did an amazing job finding this. ❤️" from Zondra

"I asked my husband to buy me a new ring. Then I saw this and fell in love. It doesn’t disappoint. It makes me smile because of all the pretty color stones. My husband commented “I shouldn’t have paid so much for your diamond ring 45 years ago when I could have bought something like this.” I love it! I love my diamond too" from Gloria

"This is a promise ring for my one and only. It looks way better in person. The quality is perfect and amazing." from Ben

"The ring was all I was hoping for! It fit her' and so the ring size was right on. Its of good quality, too!! She is very happy with the starry night design!! Definitely purchase this !!" from James

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