Our Vision, Mission, and Priciples

Our Mission

To encourage a world where people living with mental health disorders know they are amazing, resilient people, and the world is better because they are in it.

Our Vision

To provide quality grounding, encouragement, and connection tools to people living with mental health concerns and those who support them.

Our Principles

1.  The mental health system in the US is flawed and incomplete, and primarily focuses on disorder and illness instead of the health and needs of the whole person.

2.  People living with mental health concerns are amazing and resilient.

3.  People living with mental health concerns have legitimate spiritual and emotional needs that mostly go unmet or are silenced.

4.  People who support loved ones living with mental health concerns don’t always know how to express their support.

5. Most people living with mental health concerns benefit from physical tools to use as they heal.

6.  Most people need to feel connected to something bigger than themselves, whatever that is, or order to be mentally and spiritually stable.

7. Everything you wish you could be, you already have living somewhere inside you. You are made in God's image, whatever you call Creator. What is needed is more gentle, honest awareness of who you are, why you have made the decisions you've made, and what you want to do now so that you can shed the things you no longer need to carry. Judgment and shame are not helpful. Everyone makes mistakes. You do not need to be perfect to be a person of value with knowledge and love to offer your community and the world.